Shoes and the teachings of how not to be she who married Ferris Bueller

Having a suit (preferably Bbrown & Abel), which is a lovely cut, accessorised elegantly and suits your mood for the day/week or month is important. Matching this with the right shoes that amplifies this current portrayal of you without the need to express yourself verbally (and in some cases physically) is as important.

Nobody wants to be Carrie from the Sex and the City, because even if it allowed women to more openly explore their promiscuity and find a sense of fashion in she who married Ferris Bueller, it does not help the hip pocket at all. Having said that (as Larry and Jerry once crowed) ..

there is no harm in having some options..

Just as a double-breasted suit can scream old school decadence of a bygone era, your shoes will proclaim what sort of era you so desire. In the 21st century we search far and wide for as many fashion stylings and trends available to us through decades and centuries that have past and recycled over; our moods and feelings dictate how we dress, and one can change from the stylings of the loveable rogue to the dapper duke within a day. This can be shown through you, your mindset, and these 5 people we all associate with regularly and can display through a finely cut suit and a pair shoes to boot;

The Loveable Rogue

  • Tan low cuts

Loveable RogueYou have a sense of rebelliousness that screams mischief under a 3 day growth that exudes sensibilities which are susceptible to a kind fun heart. You love your tailored suit blue with some light check and love the ability of your tan shoes to keep you dressed for success but also ready to play if the time calls for it.





mod revThe Mod Revisited

  • Black Chelsea Boots

It’s not the 60’s, it’s not London, it’s not a bowl cut, but it could be with some rose coloured glasses and a whole lot of uppers (synonymous with the 60’s culture not this Bbrown & Abel-ite..). You want your tailored suit tight, black and short enough on the leg that your boots are on show for people to know you will party a storm, start a fight and drink till you can drink some more (but sadly there are no drinks left to be had).



FWiBThe FWiB (aka The Friends with Benefits)

  • Loafers

You like to wear a two tone tailored suit (light colour for your bottoms), it emanates your relaxed nature and people know by your side part that you enjoy to be well kept (and at times smug), but have room for play and party wherever the night may lead. Some ankle skin is on show to tingle the senses and the mind of those around.



The man that wants you to know he isn’t into suiting up, but he really is and knows exactly what he is doing at all times, thus the scruff charm (aka The Scruff Charm)

  • Worn Boots

Scruff ChA tailored grey suit tailored to a T square ruler (as they say in Preston) and your boots, demonstrating your ability to fix a tire with the necessary amount of grease and rolled up sleeves that are required at anytime. These very said boots are your go to and love a pair of jeans /white tee combo, chino’s (which quietly we also do)/relaxed shirt combo or whatever your heart chooses to wear on any given day.




The Dapper DukeDD

  • Brogues

Well, you my friend are the perfected piece, from head to toe not a strand a stray. A double-breasted suit is your boldness and your brogues are your sounding board of classic eroticism from the golden era and before. Pomade in your hair and neat whiskey in tow, nothing can faze you from the sure face you show and the awareness you have of what delinquents may be about. Trouble is never a stir in your presence.



Your person is shaped by the morning sun, the music that’s on or the level of dopamine and serotonin being released in your brain (no doubt amongst other things). Wear your suit with confidence and get the shoes to suit (get it) your look, it completes you and will take you to where you want to get.

Having said this.. Be you, and if you want to mix and Hellraisermatch them, go ahead, it represents you, be it any of the 5 or the unspoken 6th, the Dishevelled 1 of Colour and Shake as seen on the right, combining whatever the hell you like in true hellraiser style.





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