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If you had just One suit…

You should have more than one suit. Two suits for everyday of the week if you ask me… because let’s be honest, suits are awesome.

Why don’t we envision a world where you have the expertise of experienced tailors, a vast array of the finest fabrics at your fingertips, and prices starting at just $450! Well if that world existed we’d still lend a hand, here’s the BB & A way to make sure you’re hitting the spot the first time around.

The Colour – Navy

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A navy suit is arguably the most versatile when it comes to matching it with the colour of your shirt and tie. If you’re like most guys when it comes to the rules of which colour goes with what, and lets be honest ‘ain’t nobody got time fo dat’, a quality navy suit is a safe bet.

It’ll work for pretty much every event you’ll come across (except a black tie outing), whether it be for business or pleasure. If you’re out on the weekend, pair the jacket with an open button shirt, jeans or chinos and you’re good to go.

Alternative- Charcoal

The Lapel Style – Notch

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A notch will work for every occasion (again, except for a the black tie event) interviews, weddings etc etc…

Keep the width standard, don’t go too skinny or too wide, as the trend on this tends to change from year to year.

Alternative- Peak Lapel

The Fit – Slim

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Take a lesson from Goldilocks and go for something that’s not too skinny, but without making it look like you’re wearing a tent. You want a suit that fits ‘just right’. A nice slim fit to flatter your figure is the best way to go (this will usually be your tailors preferred option anyway). As with the lapel, the trend tends to change from year to year and you want the suit to be a style that will last through fads.

I assume if this is your only suit you won’t be wearing it too often, so don’t leave it to the morning of an event to try it on. Give yourself a couple of days in advance, just incase you have to make any adjustments. The waistline is the most likely culprit, but it’s an easy fix with time on your side.

Alternative- A tad bigger, giving your self some ‘growing room’ and it’s always easier to take in than to take out.

But for heavens sake, unless it’s a zombie apocalypse, own more than one suit. Life is better when you’re wearing a suit. It’s scientifically proven, but more on that another time…



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