Summer is here, let us rejoice as the heaven’s open and soak us with the sun we have rightfully deserved as we have hibernated and survived through these cold winter months.. Or, being in Melbourne, soak us on an ad hoc basis with stinging rays and a smattering of torrential rain. Either way, it is safe to say in this land of OZ, it can get real hot and a gentleman needs the proper attire to get through this time.

The necessity to where a suit is as ever present, be it for;

  • work
  • casual get togethers
  • cocktail parties
  • the smartest dressed Sunday sesh (it rhymes so you know it’s real)
  • birthdays
  • Christmas functions
  • Portsea Polo
  • a clothed pool party
  • summer time weddings
  • when you go all Lana Del Ray and want to sing Summertime Sadness (but still be jovial)


or just if you’re that Joseph Gordon Levitt kind of guy..

..clearly, one needs a summer suit. So, what separates a summer suit from autumn/winter/spring? A fair bit actually, enough to write a blog about and not answer in one sentence.

The Material

The cornerstone to any summer suit is the material. Instead of the forever classic wool fabric, the more breathable and light fabric in cotton is much more practical. This will allow for a breezier feel and assist in keeping your body temperature comfortable and cool.

The Construction

Followed by the cornerstone, the key to a good summer suit is to deconstruct it. Removing the lining (half or full) and padding from the inside of the jacket (in particular) creates a more breathable (see a pattern?) suit. For maximum comfort, go completely unlined, which although gives a more relaxed look, it is summer, so chill out and grab yourself a shandy (they need to be a big deal again).


The Colour

Summer time is your chance to have a fling with some fun, especially now with the Spring Carnival being over and no more Flemington Flings around to down (the drink people!), so lighten up (double entendre alert);

For the Brave

  • Ivory

For the Cautious

  • Royal Blue

For the Cheek

  • Lilac


With this all being said, make an appointment and let us assist you with having the breathability and comfort in your Summer of Fun.




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