Happy holidays & one of the brood bids adieu

It’s been a whirlwind of a time here at Bbrown and Abel; the spring racing carnival has come and gone, and now the wedding season is firmly in place along with the holiday season.

We’ve had some great moments so far, and I’m sure there’s plenty to come as the summer sun is on it’s way (probably…).

On a more important note, this will be my last blog post on behalf on Bbrown & Abel… and what can I say!?

It’s been a hell of a ride.

I’m proud to have had some hand in what it’s become, and have certainly learnt a whole heap. The lasting thought I can give to us as a company is ‘damn, we make some fine ass suits!’. First and foremost that’s been our priority, and now I can say that objectively (with no financial gain).

To every client I’ve had the opportunity to work with – it’s been a pleasure gents, keep going it’ll only get better and better. Those who haven’t, do.

I’m excited to see what this becomes…. & leave this in the faithful hands of Gio & Alex. SO buy one (two, tree, hundred) buy all!

Now let’s take a moment to reflect – on the year, on the suits, and the lasting memories I’ve had the honour to help create for so many of our loyal clients in the Bbrown and Abel world. Happy holidays & peace.




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Final sign off.. the memories

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