Death to the Belt Loop (..and belts.. for suits)!!!

The modern suit is a sleek custom fitted item which men are ensuring is a staple (or staples) of their wardrobe for the daily grind/functions/events & their wedding. Finally! Away with the bulky, long and ill-fitting styles the ‘90’s brought to prominence, along with the indecision and irrelevant noughties and finally a return and if anything, an ode, to the well-crafted 1920’s.

We have started to see trends from times of past come back to the fore. Peak lapels, pick stitching, double breasted jackets, cuffed pants, pleats, fun with patterns etc. Practically anything on our Instagram (which you should follow and of course like all the photos).


One trend though we have not yet seen kick off as it should is the non-use of a belt. Custom made suits are these days, the only way one should buy a suit (preferably a Bbrown & Abel one), so why are we having everything fit centimetre perfect and still wearing a belt? It’s a fashion faux pas in the greatest sense and a telltale sign that your suit isn’t as well made and crafted as you’d want to lead us all to believe.. even though it is. See the faux pas? Literally.


Style is obviously a choice, and I respect the man that chooses to wear a belt on style merits, however habit seems to be the most prominent reason around these days for the want of belt loops. Not so much of a style choice.


The more functional use of side tabs, which can account for the fluctuating man waist (by way of an inch) is a sleek and finished option. It creates a cleaner look of your suit (providing you have also purchased yourself a custom fitted shirt.. which would be the same price of a nice belt said this blogger ever so quietly) and makes you look the best you can be in your staple item, turning heads as you walk down the street.


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